Witness The Mind, What I Learned From Meditation By Far

“Your goal is not to battle with the mind, but to witness the mind.”– Swami Muktananda

“Meditating Space” digital art by Terrisa C.

One of the main reasons I started to practice meditation is because I need to find peace with my mind. I’ve always had a hard time focusing, my mind keeps flowing everywhere. I like the creativity my mind produces but also I feel exhausted about its restless activity. Often, I would have great ideas and get excited about them but as soon as I start to take convert ideas into action, I get myself distracted by my own thoughts. I switch my focus to other things and lose my original motivation, then I get tired and bored. Because of none-stop self-distractions, I often struggle with accomplishing my goals.

Healthy food, exercise and vitamin supplements definitely helped my focus issue at a certain level and they made me feel better about myself in general,  but I still had a hard time to stay productive and accomplish my goals. I knew something was missing.

Why I Started Meditating

I realized that even with a healthy diet and exercise, they should not be repeated mindlessly.  I tended to fast forward to the outcome and ignored the process.  I rarely spent time paying attention to my feelings at each moment observing my thoughts, that is how I often overwhelmed myself by things going on around me. I finally decided to slow down, be patient,  train my mind with awareness……  I started to practice sitting meditation.

sitting meditation
Sitting meditation is an easy way to start practicing your meditation. Choose the Florensi Meditation Cushion (16″x16″x5″), Large Velvet Meditation Pillow, Premium Yoga Pillow for Women and Men, Yoga Cushion, Meditation Pillows for Sitting on Floor, Buckwheat Meditation Cushions for your Sitting Meditation 

What I Learned From Meditation

For the last couple of months, I  have been practice sitting meditation every day. I normally spend 5 minutes in the morning before all my activities start. During the practice, I focus on my breath, I let my thoughts come and go till my mind eventually stops wandering. When I reach the moment of being in the present,  I call it the sweet spot. Here is what I learned from practicing meditating by far:

  • I am more aware of my thoughts. Instead of wasting time thinking many things, I choose to be aware and let go.
  • I am more mindful of my activities. Instead of running around all the time, I take each activity more mindfully, live in the moment.
  • I feel more focused and attentive. Instead of getting distracted easily, I am more focused on one task at a time.
  • I feel more peaceful and calm. Instead of letting anxiety take over my mentality, I try to maintain my peace and carry on.
  • I feel less fear. Instead of constantly fearing the outcomes,  I focus more on the process

I know meditation is not a short term fix, instead, it is a life practice. Although I am at the very beginning of this practice,  the subtle changes it brings to me is a big step. I am excited about my morning practice for the very next day. To witness the changes, even the subtle ones, is a beautiful magical process.

Meditation is in many forms. Everything is practice, everything is in process. Check out my simple tea ritual

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