Dream Sweet Dream …… “Summer Play” Pink Cotton Batiste Top

pink bastiste summer top with donut print

Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths. –––– Joseph Campbell

I have been aware of the existence of dreams and fascinated by them ever since I was a little kid. I know the feeling of being able to travel between different dimensions and discover myths.  I always dream a lot, especially in the summer. I found my dreams are often full of colors, sometimes they are bright, sometimes they are dark, however, they all sound quite interesting to me and I remember them most of the time……

Dreams are surreal, dreams are also real.

A sweet dream in the summer: Pink cotton batiste top with dessert print

pink bastiste summer top with donut print
“Summer Play” cotton batiste top

“Summer Play” (Handmade Cotton Batiste Top)

“Summer Play”  (Cat Bow & Scarf)

One way to record dreams is by creating art. I noticed it is a fun thing to reflect on the experiences in my dreams by recreating them in the real world or the current dimension. So I decided to start a series to record the dreams through illustration and fashion. Creating is a good thing to do, especially in this strange time. Because tough times will pass, dreams never end.

Hand Sketch: front & back

 Summer Cotton Batiste Top: Front & back

sewing printed fabric
Sew it

Multimedia Art:

pink shirt cat balloon
“Summer Play” –––– “Summer Play” ––– fashion & digital design by Terrisa Chen


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